Living Room Identity Crisis

Living Room Identity Crisis

Since moving into our home 5 years ago, our living room has had a bit of an identity crisis.

It started off with somewhat of a mid century vibe as I mixed old furniture with new rugs and pillows.

I then added the fashion inspired artwork as I wanted it to be “MY” sitting space. The “girls” room. But, I just never spent any time there.

Fast forward to 2020... Being home during quarantine this space was really on my mind. I knew it could be something more. Some thing with more character and style. So I replaced everything in the room and I mean everything. The sofa, chairs, tables and rug. But something still wasn’t right.

I knew I had to dig deeper and add the character the space was lacking. So I took on the project of designing and adding trim to this main wall. This was the first time I have ever independently taken on a home improvement project. I am so pleased with the results and now I have the perfect room I've been dreaming of. Check out my blog on the how to for this accent wall.


The Living Room Evolution in Photos

The beginning: Mid Century/Farmhouse/Glam Fusion
Mid Evolution: New Sofa, Tables and Chairs
Final Result: Parisian Parlour


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