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Pantry Re-Do: Part 2

Following the Pantry overhaul I completed last year, I knew I wanted to replace the fabric baskets that were storing some of my dry goods. I didn't like how the sides angled out and created wasted space. I also wanted storage items that were easy to clean. It's the kitchen and messes can happen!
Flash forward 11 months later I finally got around to swapping out those baskets as well as updating the placement of my pantry items.  The 3 product updates I incorporated into this refresh are the white plastic bins, the wire produce bins and the lazy susan.
I am so happy with the results. Now that I am working from home I have a better sense of how to optimize the space.  The most frequently used items are more accessible and the overall organization is visually cleaner.
Here are links to all of the storage items I am using. Note: the grey lacquer trays are no longer available but there are white ones!

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