Pantry S.O.S.

Pantry S.O.S.

If you watched my Instagram stories over the weekend you saw that my pantry went through an organizational overhaul.

Even through our pantry has a door we rarely close it. We are constantly in an out of it for food, towels, waters, etc. I am pretty good at keeping the pantry fairly organized but was looking to refresh the storage options and make it a bit more visually appealing. In the end, I tried to keep it real, with actual food/pantry items we use, rather than staging it for better visual interest.

Disclosure: What I went into thinking was going to be a 2-3 hour effort ended up taking about 5 hours with 2 trips to the Container Store! Here is the finished product with links to the storage options I used noted below.



Storage Items I Used:

Vertica Wire Stacking Bins - These black Iron wire stacking baskets come in 2 sizes. I have 2 of the large and 1 of the small. I am using mine to store water and juices, opting not to stack.


Black & Natural Water Hyacinth Storage Bins - These are very study, rigid baskets with a wire frame. I am using mine to store paper towels, light bulbs and chips/pretzels. I purchased 2 of the small version and 3 of the large. The smaller ones are shown on the top rack and the larger ones are on the floor.


Grey Lacquered Trays - Technically this is a serving tray, but I purchased 3 of them to line one of my shelves. Considering that I have wire shelves, sometimes canisters don’t sit correctly. These trays are the perfect solution.


Glass Canisters with Matte Black Lids - I purchased 1 Large and 2 Small versions of the canisters. I really like the idea of storing items in glass. I am using mine for Flour, Sugar and Nuts.


Artisan Glass Canisters with Black Lids - Made from clear glass with airtight lids these are the perfect size for storing nuts, berries and chocolates. They may look small but they actually hold a good amount. I used two bags of chocolate covered cherries to fill up one of the larger versions. I purchased 3 of these and will be going back for more.


Anchor Hocking Montana Glass Canisters with Acacia Lids - Similar to the other glass canisters I purchased these have clear glass with airtight lids. I purchased the larger one and am currently storing/displaying Oreos in it a la the Kardashian style.


Fabric Storage Bin (similar) - The ivory baskets I am using were purchased from Bed Bath and Beyond several years ago. I found a link for similar. The inside of these baskets has a plastic coating which makes wiping down easy. The only thing I don’t like about these baskets is that they don’t have straight sides.


OXO Pop Food Storage Set - Over the years I have collected many of these OXO containers. The pop lids make it easy to open and provide air tight storage. The design of these containers allow you to store and stack many of them close together.


OXO Cereal Storage - One of my pet peeves is having multiple cereal boxes open on the shelves with no idea of whether they are full or empty. These clear containers let you know if cereal needs to be added to this week’s grocery list. Also, the easy pour top help limit messes when pouring a bowl.

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