The Mudroom

The Mudroom

I love my Mudroom, I really do. When we first moved into this house, I had visions of the mudroom always looking like this photo. I imagined each time we entered the house we would have a seat on the bench and properly remove our shoes and place them in the cubbies. Each of us would have a designated hook, allowing us to hang a jacket, a hat or a bag.

But these visions that danced in my head couldn't have been more wrong. Given the location between the garage and the kitchen, it is the most traveled room in the house. I'm lucky if I can get "the boys" to remove their shoes when entering the house, let alone placing them neatly in a cubby. In reality, this room is usually teaming with 15+ pairs of shoes, sneakers and flip flops and each hook has multiple jackets, coats and hoodies.

So, once a week after my cleaning routine I get one quick view of the mudroom I envisioned before reality sets in.


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