This is Just the Beginning

This is Just the Beginning

Do you ever have an idea in your head that doesn't go away? It pops up in the middle of the night, during your commute to work or whenever you have a free minute. The idea is always there, just under the surface, but you always find a way to push it aside.

For me it was the nagging idea that I could and should be doing more than I was. That although I have a successful career, I wasn't fully satisfied. I've played around with the idea of launching a brand or some venture that would allow me to tap into everything I have learned during my career, but I would immediately get overwhelmed. I am a perfectionist and I want everything to be just right. But, over the past few years I have been reminded just how short our time is and that there is no time like the present to do what you love.

So here we are with the launch of Oh La La Decor. My hope is that in the short term this will become one of your favorite destinations for Home, Fashion and Lifestyle inspiration. Longer term, who know what this could become.

I look forward to getting to know you through this journey.

This is just the Beginning...


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