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Ivory Peony Bundles with Double Handle Vase Kit

Ivory Peony Bundles with Double Handle Vase Kit

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This beautiful arrangement kit features 1 of our Double Handled White Vases and 3 of our Ivory Peony Bundles.

Please note: This is not a pre-made arrangement, but rather, a value savings bundle grouped together to provide you with the ideal florals to make a stunning arrangement for the vase included. 

The floral bundle includes 6 full bloom peonies and 3 peony buds.  This ceramic vase measures 8.5" W x 7" H.  Depth of vase opening is 5"

Arrangement Tips:

Our recommendation is to simply place each bundle in the vase one by one.  Once placed in the vase, the bundles should rest on the rim of the vase.  Be sure to adjust each flower to ensure no holes are visible in the arrangement.

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